Solar city of Plan-les-Ouates

In 1990, the commune of Plan-les-Ouates (at the gates of Geneva) committed itself to the realisation of a P+D (pilot and demonstration) project for the Pré-du-Camp district: a group of rental and commercial buildings meeting an ecological imperative. This solar city includes a total of about 220 flats and a dozen shops.

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The energy concept recommended, accepted and implemented by ERTE consisted of the installation of 1,700m² of solar roofs, curved solar thermal collectors which also act as a roof (according to the principle of multifunctionality, resulting in savings of CHF 300,000).

A Canadian well to preheat the air in winter and "natural air conditioning" in summer with the VDF (double flow ventilation),

Two heat accumulators totalling 100m³ to store the captured solar heat.

A regulation that optimises the operation of all the installations.

ERTE has translated this project into low energy consumption, minimal environmental impact, and at a bearable extra cost.

The result lived up to our expectations, since in this solar city of Plan-Les-Ouates, we observe a consumption of 60% less than the Swiss average (at the time), which represents an annual saving of 14’000 litres of fuel oil or an energy expenditure index of 250MJ/m²/year (the Swiss average is 725 in 2012).

In 1995, ERTE completed this project. The SUNERGIE® system used was installed almost 30 years ago and is still in operation today. The solar thermal collection of curved roofs was a first for Switzerland and is suitable for both large-scale installations (villas) and large-scale complexes.

This achievement earned ERTE the 1995 Solar Prize in the category of planners.