Located in Geneva, the Arena is a multi-purpose venue that opened in 1995. It is used for concerts and sporting events such as tennis and basketball. The modularity of the spaces allows to welcome up to 10'000 spectators while offering pleasant premises.

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The energy for heating comes from a high-temperature network (Remote heating by the incineration of household waste). Everything is based on the concept of blowing air into the floor and the staircase. This arrangement creates a layer of treated air in the occupied area that is close to ideal ambient conditions. The occupied volume is therefore perfectly controlled and the spectators always enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and clean air.

The very high heat generated by the people and the projectors is captured in the ceiling of the room and evacuated directly to the outside. In winter, some of this warm air is recycled, resulting in significant energy savings.

There is no artificial cooling system. Outside air is blown into the stands or the central area, directly near the heat sources (people). This fresh air - usually colder than the ambient air - contributes to natural, sufficient and free cooling. 

In addition to the usual functions, this digital unit can be used to program 7 blowing variants per occupancy zone, depending on the event: sports, conferences, shows, etc.

Thanks to this fresh air supply from the stands, the 10,000 spectators and artists can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere at all times.

The main innovation of the Arena’s heating and ventilation concept is the distribution of air through circular grilles integrated into the hollow profile of the concrete bleachers, fed by concrete duct pillars. In order to reduce the volume of air to be treated and to realise an economic and energy efficient installation, a flexible system was chosen that could be perfectly adapted to the usage regime of the hall.