“We grew up in oil and gas fired schools where we learned to calculate oil and gas installations. We took our first steps with brilliant engineers who had grown up doing oil and gas installations.

What will we engineers of the next decades achieve?”

Christelle Gautreau & Stéphanie Morio

Bond Society Paris - 15.4.2021

Our roofs

We always design our technical installations in such a way that the roofs are not cluttered by ugly techniques, usually by ventilation, but left free for beautiful and large solar installations.

We assume that the roofs should be considered as “agricultural” surfaces which are intended to produce. The roofs of buildings must be used for the harvesting and production of solar energy.

Few colleagues share our opinion, because once again, the engineer must be creative and innovative, because roofs, especially flat ones, are the easy solution to fit ventilation monoblocs and a lot of ducts that are both bulky and ugly.

ERTE is of the opinion that there is no reason to spoil the beautiful roofs that architects have tried to create, roofs that are beautiful and uncluttered. Therefore, in our opinion, VCS installations should not be placed on roofs, but should be placed in technical rooms in the basement, which also allow easy access for maintenance.

enerBus® and SUNERGIE® are a demonstration of our commitment to energy savings, carbon reduction and the use of solar energy on a large scale, while being beautiful installations.

In the 1990s, ERTE had an excellent designer on staff who said:

“…if an installation is beautiful, it will also work well…” – Jean-Pierre Gignoux